12 Techniques to Make Your Content More Shareable on Social Media

Did you know that there is a science behind shareable content? When something clearly expresses one’s personality, they will likely share it. The same is true for content that entertains and makes it easy to start communication with their friends. So if you are not getting enough shares for your posts, these tips can help you out:

1.Produce high-quality content.

If it is a blog content, it should have a good title or headline. You can use tools such as the Headline Analyzer or the Blog Title Generator for that. If you need content, you can get freelance writers or avail writing services from companies like Essayontime.

2.Structure your post.

Nobody will bother to read a blog that is basically a wall of texts. Make your content reader-friendly by having bulleted points. You can also number your list to separate different ideas.

3.Keep the content as informative as pos


People will eventually share your blog posts if they are valuable enough. How-to posts are the most shared articles because they help readers solve their problems.

4.Prioritize your audience.

Consider how your audience will react on your posts. Will it be something that they will be happy to share with everyone they know? If not, then you might need to improve your work.

5.Make some infographics.

An infographic makes facts and figures easy to comprehend. When you don’t have the budget to hire a graphics designer, you can use tools like the Piktochart and learn how to manage your social media site for making your content more shareable on social media.

6.Set off emotions.

If you notice, many of the highly shared posts today are those that evoke emotions. It could be because that post made people angry, happy, sad, or even mad.

7.Bring them back to the old times.

When something reminds people of their past, they will likely react to it. Think about posts that will give your audience a nostalgic feeling. Millennials these days will surely appreciate something that takes them back to the 90s.

8.Do some giveaways.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Many blogs these days are discovered because of their awesome giveaways. Ask your followers to like or even follow a page in exchange of a raffle entry.

9.Keep yourself up to date.

Norwegian Airlines shocked everyone when they released an ad that serves as a response to the controversy related to Brad Pitt. You can talk about the latest news especially if it concerns your niche.

10.Launch a contest.

Get everyone involved and give them a reward for it. Fast Food restaurant KFC had a football challenge. When you’re out of inspiration, you can take a look at how others do their own contest.

11.Show some humor.

In business, it’s important to be serious with what you do. But you don’t have to be serious all the time, especially when creating your content. Sharing witty posts and visual content is an effective way to grab people’s attention.

12.Make videos.

Back in the day, Twitter only has photo-sharing feature. Now it has added videos to its platform, which only goes to show how the time is evolving.