5 Places to Visit in Melaka in 2019

Despite its smaller landmass, a lot of people actually go to Melaka because of its many
tourist attractions and rich history.

Even though you can find many historical remnants in the metro, there are new
buildings being built every single year.

Read this listicle to find the best places to visit in Melaka in 2019. Perhaps, you might
also want to find some gorgeous girl escorts while you’re in the city.

Encore Melaka

Theatre buffs and foreigners, in general, should come and visit Encore Melaka to find
some amazing, world-class audio-visual performances being held from time to time.

The shows usually have cultural depictions of the natives and are sometimes
choreographed by Wang Chaoge, which is responsible for the incredible Beijing
Olympics opening ceremony back in 2008.

If you want to learn more about Melaka in a more fun and creative way, then definitely
visit Encore Melaka.

Portuguese Settlement

One of the many colonizers of Malaysia back in the day were the Portuguese. Even
though the country has experienced total freedom ever since, there are still some
remnants of the past that still live on to this day.

To find out more about the Portuguese Colonization period, you want to head over to
the Portuguese Settlement and look for the Kristangs or the Portuguese Community.
Since the main religion of the Portuguese is Christianity, you will find many colorful
Christmas trees during the Holiday season.

Kampung Chetti

The early Chinese and Indians actually migrated to Malaysia and have built their own
communities since then. The Peranakans have imparted their rich food culture to create
Peranakan cuisine or Nyonya foods.

The Indians are known as the Peranakan Chetti, which is a small community of people
that are of Indian and Malay descent.

Unlike the traditional Indians that are scattered all over Malaysia, the Peranakan Chetti
actually wear Malaysian wardrobe as opposed to what Indians usually wear back home.

Go to the Peranakan Chetti Museum to find out more information about this lovely
community. And, after perusing the museum, you may want to grab some Haramjadah
which is curry that is filled with vegetables and meats.

Go Restaurant-Hopping

Melaka has a bevy of restaurants to choose from. If you want to sample some amazing
Asam Pedas which is a spicy-sour broth that is usually filled with some fish, go to Asam
Pedas Selera Kampung in Merdeka Square.

If you want to cool down from the Hot Malaysian sun, go to Klebang to find some
original coconut shake that will surely help you ease the heat.

Jonker Night Market

If you want to sample Melaka’s rich food scene, then you do not have to go to individual
restaurants. Instead, you go to the Jonker Night Market.

Here, you can find an assortment of hawker food stalls that are ready to offer you some
local Malay cuisine, as well as those that are inspired by the Indians, Peranakans, and
many more.

Aside from the fact that you can get stuffed with food here, you can also find a bevy of
different stores that sell some handicrafts and local souvenirs as well.