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So, you think you already know the best hosting option for you and your business?! Now that you have decided on purchasing a VPS, the next task would be to choose a reputable provider. Looking for the right agency for VPS hosting assistance is not easy, so it’s better to do research first before making any major step.

1. Company Age

Find a provider with at least three years VPS hosting experience and web hosting solutions. There is a big difference between running one server or reseller account to managing the software and hardware utilized to virtualize the platform.

2. Customer Reviews and Base

Find evidence that the company you want to work with has a good track record. A reputable host has lots of reviews. Read all of them to know their qualifications.

3. Server Hardware

When it comes to server hardware, you have two options, depending on your budget. Your first option is VPS hosting which is provided on a single server environment. Basically, this is a server that is split up into several virtual servers. The next choice is the Cloud VPS that is offered on a Blade and SAN environment. Decide which one is for you.

4. Virtualization Software

In this aspect, there is no right or wrong choices. You just need to choose the right one based on your unique needs. Several people love Xen for various reasons that include isolation, cost, security and performance.

5. Support

Depending on the level of your skills, you may or may not need to buy a support plan for your VPS. Are you confident with the software and command line you are using? If you think you need help, feel free to check on the support plans that your web hosting agency offers.