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Just as developers continually improve their apps to make it more user-friendly and full of features, other people with malicious intent are also doing some things to make sure that they get what they want.

There are certainmobile app design company in Malaysia out there that mask themselves as legitimate ones, only for them to do more than what they’re purported to do. In the case that your phone is infected, it can only damage the operating system and sometimes the phone itself. However, in the worst cases, the attacker could also get your personal information as well, which is something that you do not want to happen.

So, how do you avoid fake apps on the Google and Apple app stores? Here are some tips:


  • Only Download Apps from the Official Stores


For the Android platform, users make use of the Google Play Store to download their apps. For iPhone users, they go to the Apple app store to do the same thing.

To make sure that the app is legitimate, only download them from the aforementioned app stores. You see, Google and Apple have employed measures so that the final apps that are published are good and legitimate apps.


  • Look at the App Reviews


Of course, there are some apps that can get accepted into the ecosystem even though they are not legitimate ones. Hey, people from the aforementioned companies can still commit mistakes, okay?

Anyway, another way of knowing if an app is legitimate is by looking at users’ reviews. But, a tip would be to look at them with a discerning eye.

You see, some shady app developers can employ bots that will leave positive feedbacks about their application, and if you do not do your due diligence to investigate, you could end up compromising your phone.

As much as possible, look at what most people have to say about the app before going ahead and installing it.


  • Read the App’s Page


Bad and shady apps usually do not have well-written descriptions. It is usually riddled with bad grammar and punctuation and you can easily spot it as well.

This is usually a sign that the developer did not invest the proper time and resources to make things work. They are usually just in to steal whatever they want to steal from you (such as financial information).

This is an indication that you should never download the app.


  • Know More Information About the Developer


Genuine applications that come from authentic companies usually disclose information about the development team. They also have a well-designed website to match as well.

When you search for an app and you tap on something that you like, the developer’s name will usually be placed right under the application’s name. Furthermore, more information about them will be placed under the app’s main description as well.

If it is developed by a trustworthy creator, all of the information that you need to know should be disclosed on their page.


  • Other Things to Look Out For


Aside from the ones that have been mentioned, other things that you should look out for are the app’s icon as well as the number of times the app has been installed to different phones.

All of this should be visible when you click on the app’s page. If the icon looks like it was poorly designed, it is most likely a fake app. Moreover, if the number of installations isn’t that high, then again, it is likely to be a fake app as well.


Fake apps should be avoided like a plague as it can not only damage your phone, but it can also be a means for attackers to steal your sensitive information. Hopefully, these tips will help you spot the fake from the real ones.