7 Really Huge Web Design Trends in 2018

We have seen a lot of nice trends back in 2017 and in the new year, we are going to have more. What I am going to be talking about in this article are some huge web design trends that you really need to know about in 2018.

Unique Storytelling

Each and every year, new advancements in technology have paved the way to incredible web design. Although people can comprehend text, the use of graphics to tell a story makes more impact than the former.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two technologies that are slowly being adopted in the real world by the best web developers, and with great results.

Web developers can incorporate these measures so that they can tell a story that people will never forget.

Clever Uses of Typography

Although you can employ AR and VR to make your web design more dynamic, some text should never be totally removed. This is especially true if you want your brand to stay relevant.

Web designers are more keen on reinventing the wheel somewhat in that they are now mixing both Serif and Sans Serif fonts together. Really, their imagination is the only limiting factor here and if they let their creative side loose, they can come up with some inventive typography that will change the way people view your content.

Animations Are Now a Thing

A couple of years ago, more and more people are consuming GIFs for entertainment. Clever use of these animations into a website will make it pop out more and people will instantly recognize your brand.

That is why more and more companies are employing animations that can bring their logo to life. It is now a creative and dynamic way to convey the message businesses want to express to their customers.

People are visual creatures and when we see something that is moving, we turn our attention to it in no time.

The Use of Bold Colors

In the 90s and the early 2000s, web designers were barred from using overly saturated colors because it is not pleasing to the eyes and that most screens cannot support it anyway.

However, as mentioned earlier in the article, technology is constantly evolving and we now have displays that can support bold and adventurous colors.

Add to the fact that it is much easier now to implement the said colors, we would be seeing websites that make use of wonderful color palettes that will certainly grab a user’s attention.

Flat 2.0

Most websites in the early 2000s make use of the flat design and although it mostly works, people are not interested in it anymore.

And because of that, web designers scramble to find ways to entice people to visit their websites. Enter, Flat Design 2.0. This design incorporates a semi-flat appeal to the aesthetic by adding wonderful colors and by also including some gradients and shadows as well.

Gradients have been phased out long ago due to the lack of support from different platforms, but it is now making a huge comeback in 2018.

Add More Personality Through Playful Illustrations

To add to the previous point about animations, playful illustrations have been added and are now more predominant in most huge company websites.

The reason is that it increases customer engagement and companies are able to share their personality in playful and creative illustrations.

Web designers can now implement moving illustrations anywhere on their web pages; you just have to place it somewhere that will be more memorable for their visitors.

More and More Tools at Your Disposal

Why limit yourself in using just one tool for designing when there is multiple software that you can use to truly make your web design stand out?

You could still use the ever-popular Adobe Photoshop, but you also have new tools that you can fiddle with such as the Axure, Vectr, Adobe XD, and many more!


Web design has come a long way and you should make it a point to incorporate new design trends on your website to make it more appealing to your potential customers.