Betting Strategies in Rugby

Rugby is a sport with high, dramatic score lines and tactical extremes; and the winning margin markets are no better place to leverage that in online casino games.

Although forecasting winning margins is a fine art in sports such as football, where goals are few, or ice hockey, where team differences are often low, rugby delivers such unpredictable results that the winning margins available at the top online casino sites are required to reflect this. It makes it much easier to develop an online sports betting plan around the winning market especially when your in the best online sports betting in Thailand.

Winning Margin Market

The highest potential rewards are found in the standard winning margin market for players looking for bigger odds: where predictions are made in five-point blocks. For starters, helping Leeds in their May 2014 Super League meeting to defeat Wigan by 16-20 points was available at 7/1 pre-matchwith bet365. Leeds ‘ final score, by the way, was 28-12.

Winning Margin Five-Way Market

Anyone looking to rack up daily, though somewhat more moderate, wins is better advised to look at the five-way winning margin market, which in some games allows players to gamble on much larger outcomes. Of starters, Leeds to win by 13 or more in the Leeds vs. Wigan game were 19/10; which is still not bad given Leeds ‘ good results prior to the meeting.

Nevertheless, deciding between these markets is not just hazard management-it’s also about the players you choose to bet on. And there are some important statistics and comparisons to inform your decision.

Difference in Points

The most important amount is the ratio in points, which is the total points scored less total points awarded. Taking this for any group, split it by the number of matches played, and the overall win (or lose) advantage will be yours. Comparing this before a game gives you a good idea of whether the teams are going to be a match too, and thus whether you should look at a high or low margin between them.

It is also worth comparing points for and points against in order to get a more detailed understanding of the gaps between two hands. Going back to Leeds and Wigan, it was obvious before the match that both sides had free scoring-with Leeds having a total of 326 out of 10 matches and Wigan having a total of 306 out of nine. But there were clear signs of a fair-sized Leeds victory when you look at the amount they lost, 82 and 160, respectively.


Teams will also have to prevent pitfalls. The top of the list is the basis of the structure of a squad. By analyzing their rivals, far too many punters can look at the recent outcomes of two teams. A string of particularly weak or strong opponents can skew the shape quickly, and this doubly applies to statistics scoring.

Keeping an eye out for squads that can churn out wins in even matchups is also smart. The match between Hull and Widnes in the May Super League was insightful, because although Hull had a better point differential, the dominant form and table position of Widnes flagged warning signs that they could fight and win a close game. And so it proved, winning 34-29 for Widnes.

So scour the statistical landscape for clues before placing bets, and see how that translates into the pre-match odds to value.