Buying Your Next Watch: 5 Ideal Tips

1. Settle with a piece with subtle details.

The key here is purchasing a statement watch that is versatile and subtle. After all, statement watches are investments that you must be able to wear anytime and anywhere. Keep the silver and hold reserved. The bling and shimmers must be minimal, and must not make up a big part of the timepiece. Furthermore, take watch sizes seriously. The face size should be harmonious with the size of your wrist.

2. Consider getting interchangeable bands.

There are tons of sleek watch designs in Malaysia you can pick from. However, you must not only depend on appearance when buying timepieces. Since versatility is an important component you must take note of, it would be practical to get one with interchangeable straps. This will allow you to color coordinate your watch with your outfit easier.

3. Take note of the functions that you want.

Do you want your watch to have more functions? What do you want to gain from your new wrist candy? Sure, you will be dependent on it when it comes to time. If you want to depend on it to monitor your heart rate, monitor your steps, serve as an alarm, then a smartwatch is the best choice.

4. Familiarize yourself with watch movements.

Research on watch movements and other technicalities. The movement is the beating heart of your timepiece–it is the component that make things tick. Should you go for automatic, mechanical or quartz? Each one of these has its own pros and cons.


Consider the styles and colors that make up your entire wardrobe. You must also consider how you will match your watch with your clothes. For instance, if you love minimalist clothes, a timepiece with a tan strap would destroy the entire synergy of your look.