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If you have the intention of monetizing your blog, then you have to make sure that you are driving a lot of people to your website and that you do measures to encourage them to stay and read what you’ve written.

After looking at your blog’s statistics, you may find that you’re having a high bounce rate. That could be attributed to a couple of things- most notable your blog’s design.

So today, I am going to cite some common blog design mistakes that you are probably making and how to fix them.

Intrusive Pop-Ups

Bloggers use pop-ups to help encourage people to sign up to their email list. Although this can be helpful when done in moderation, it is actually detrimental if you overdo it.

Bombarding your users with pop-ups can be deemed as annoying and if people have a bad experience because of them, then you can expect people to leave your log.

As a rule of thumb, your pop-ups should only appear anywhere between 1-3 times. Otherwise, you risk losing a lot of your audience.

Cluttered Design

People nowadays have the patience that can wear thin more easily than ever before. That being said, if your blog is cluttered with unnecessary elements, then you are risking of losing them in a heartbeat.

A logical step in creating an aesthetically-pleasing blog that doesn’t overwhelm your readers is ditching images or any other graphical elements that really do not provide anything of value to them.

Overloaded Sidebar

A sidebar can actually be very helpful to you and your readers. You can place important information about yourself and you can even tell your audience what your blog is all about. However, some bloggers mistakenly put plenty of annoying widgets that can clutter the interface.

Overloading the sidebar is a huge no-no and should, therefore, be cleansed of widgets that do not provide value to your readers.

Background Music

Another annoying thing that bloggers impose on their websites is autoplay content. It is annoying as it is intrusive and most of your audience will just mute the audio anyways. If you absolutely must put some autoplay content, then you just have to mute it.

Difficult Site Navigation

When your readers first stumble upon your blog, they should be able to know right off the bat where to go. That is why it is vital that your website navigation is clear and direct to the point.

Provide different menus that have embedded links to some of your amazing content pieces. Make everything clutter-free and easy to use.

Broken or Dead Links

You might have heard that putting internal and external links can help improve your website’s SEO. That being said, you should always scour your blog for any dead or broken links as this may deter your readers from ever visiting your site again.

Furthermore, broken links have been known to decrease your page ranking, so definitely check your blog out for these.