Event Planning Steps You Can Do Right Now

1. Look for event planning ideas.

Event planning ideas are everywhere! You just need to look for them at the right place. Start interesting conversations with your friends and family members. You can also search for interesting information online. If possible, get the best event planning and management services in Malaysia.

2. Write down important event information.

Do you already know what type of event you want to mount? Write down a one sentence that best describes its purpose. What is the goal of this occasion? Keep thinking, editing and writing until you perfectly capture your true motivation. It must be something you are truly passionate about.

3. Figure out your idea of a perfect guest.

How will you define the perfect “event guest?” What does she or he do? Why does he or shattending? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you craft a good message, and get more guests to show up. At the early stages of your event planning routine, don’t forget to make a so-called event persona. Give yourself a relatable guest to focus on.

4. Make an event venue shortlist.

This is the best time to come up with a shortlist of venues. Open Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, and list down all of the local venues which you think are an excellent fit. Soon, you will be able to narrow down this list by looking into the costs, location, services and overall vibe. Afterwards, finalize the date of the event.

5. Set a budget.

The event planning process is not a glamorous task. Even setting a budget is not easy. How much are willing to spend in the entire event? How much do you want to invest in event promotions? Along the way, it can be a challenge to remember each single expense. Just make sure to track everything well, from the event decorations and catering to insurance and entertainment.

6. Set an official hashtag.

Leverage on the social media landscape to reach a wider set of people. Introduce to them your event, and the benefits of attending it. Set an official hashtag on Twitter. Today, a Twitter hashtag is no longer just a gimmick. A simple hashtag can level up your event promotion strategy.