Fun Things that You Can Do in Kuala Lumpur for Your Vacation

Malaysia is a hot spot for many things to do. No matter what your purpose is when visiting Malaysia – whether you want to experience the sights and sounds or hire a KL Freelance Girl in Malaysia– there is always something that you can do in the said place.

Firefly Boat Ride

The Selangor River is one of the best places in Malaysia if you want to experience what Kuala Lumpur’s nature has to offer. When you go boat riding at night, you will be greeted by magical creatures known as fireflies.

This makes it ideal for couples who want to have a magical evening. The boat ride lasts for 20 minutes and the good thing is that the one who will steer the boat is typically silent for the vast majority of the ride. Therefore, if you want to share some intimate stuff to your partner, you can definitely do so.

Monkey Hill

On your way to the firefly boat ride, you will stop by the Melawati Hill which houses silver leaf monkeys. This is a different breed than long-tailed macaques as they are much calmer and eager to interact with humans.

Although the caretakers do not restrict visitors and tourists from feeding the animals. Still, this is one of the ideal places to see some monkeys when you are in Kuala Lumpur.

Forest Eco Park

If you want to take a leisurely stroll to marvel at what nature has to offer, then I highly recommend that you visit Kuala Lumpur’s forest eco-park. The canopy walk can be traversed in 30-45 minutes depending on your walking speed.That being said, this is the perfect getaway if you want to be away from the city for a change.

Crackhouse Comedy Club

They say that laughter is the best medicine and the Crackhouse Comedy Club in KL offers the best laughs in the city. The club hires the country’s best comedians so you are always in for a treat. You can enjoy the rest of the evening laughing with your special someone.

Indulge in Street Foods

Malaysia is known for its food. In fact, it is the only country in Southeast Asia with the most number of obese people and I can understand why. The country is known for its diverse food culture- stemming from Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures rolled into one.You can find plenty of different street eats that are definitely worth your money.