How to Use Social Media Hashtags: 5 Helpful Strategies

1. Use hashtags to make your business and content more discoverable.

Since hashtags are searchable in the entire social media landscape, you need to make the most out of it. This is most especially true if you are building your audience on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Join social media conversations.

You can leverage on hashtags by searching the trending ones, and then joining in on people’s conversations. Think of these hashtags as online social gatherings. It’s time to show off your brand’s personality, and generate some recognition.

3. Listen in on your target audience’s conversations.

Are you looking for quality social media marketing and advertising services in Malaysia? Remember to choose seasoned professionals who can help you with social listening. Use this technique to determine the pain points. Then, you can produce specific content that can address these pain points.

4. Make your very own branded hashtag.

Creating your very own hashtag with your brand and business name will help you track your social media visibility. This can also reinforce your branding, and monitor the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

5. Drive in more event engagement.

Whether you are online or offline, event hashtags would work amazing for driving in more engagement. Ask each attendee to utilize the same exact event hashtag. This hashtag would enable everyone to participate in all the discussions.