Kuala Lumpur Travel Tips – Helpful Hints and Advice on Local Destination Information

Traditions and behavior

There is an elevated level of resistance for outside rules and behavior in this multicultural city.

The most significant thing to maintain a strategic distance from is open friendship, which is
disapproved of between all couples whether they’re dating or wedded.

The main another thing liable to evade Western travelers is the need to take off shoes before
entering a sanctuary or private living arrangement.

Liquor is disliked in Muslim society yet is still broadly accessible as Malaysian culture invites
individuals from varying backgrounds. Tipping isn’t normal when feasting out in Kuala Lumpur
however upscale eateries may incorporate a 10 percent administration charge.


The Malaysian ringgit (MYR) is the neighborhood cash. Travelers have an adequate chance to
trade cash, with moneychangers in nearby shopping territories offering more aggressive rates
than those in banks, hotels or the air terminal.

Money is fundamental in the market slows down of Chinatown and Little India, however,
travelers won’t need to go far to discover an ATM. Visas are broadly acknowledged everywhere
retail chains, universal cafés, and numerous upscale boutiques and with a KL girl escort.


Kuala Lumpur isn’t far north of the equator, and the weather stays warm and sticky
consistently. It is critical to stay all-around hydrated and plan late morning retreats into cooled
safe houses like shopping centers, films, and historical centers.

Precipitation tops from March to April and again from September to November. The distinction
as of now isn’t so serious as to make travel unadvisable.

Rather, these blustery months are frequently somewhat cooler and can be progressively
agreeable for travelers. In any occasion, it’s shrewd to convey an umbrella in any season, as
sporadic deluges are constantly conceivable.


The most advantageous method for getting around is by taxi, which can be reasonably
contracted to any goal in the metropolitan region. It is ideal to demand that drivers utilize the meter.

People in general transport framework, featured by Rapid KL lines, has gotten increasingly open
as of late, however, the most effortless methods for getting around is as yet the light rail travel
(LRT), with courses associating all the significant regions and rural areas.

There are a few rail associations from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) to the
downtown area. The KLIA Ekspres is the most advantageous, associating in under 30 minutes,
while the KL Transit train takes only a couple of additional minutes.

Air terminal transport transports can get to the downtown area in 60 minutes, and cabs are
generally accessible outside Arrivals.