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Sometimes, we just have go back to basic and relearn the nature of it so that we can the idea of what are we doing and what should or can we do it it. So that why i’m writing this, yeah it been covered before in your life, but do you truly remember it? So let’s have a little walk down the memory lane about web design.

Web design is essentially the act of working with a creative team or creative people to create and combine writing and graphical elements to create web pages and compelling messages online for the potential customers and the place these web people working in is usually known as a web design company. Creating a good web page is not an easy task because it requires a balance of graphic design, page layout and many others.

Web design is an activity that aims to design applications and their appearance on a web basis using programming languages. People who do these activities are known as web designers. The role of a web designer is to integrate all the components and all the resources used to create a website design such as creating a dynamic and user-friendly web page application, managing the way visitors interact with all elements on the website, and so on. A web designer should be reliable and experienced to make himself familiar with various websites.


Web design is very important, especially now that the website has become a medium that is widely used by companies, government agencies, or community institutions. All website owners such as companies, government agencies, or community institutions would want the website to look attractive and professional. An attractive and professional website that contains informative content will be more visited by internet users. Therefore, the website needs to be made as attractive and as informative as possible so that the website is also known by the public. Websites that are known by the public and visited a lot will certainly provide benefits for the owner.

Trends in web design evolve every year and new trends emerge in the web design industry meanwhile web designers will start to look for the inspirations. Nowadays, one of the biggest web design trends that is becoming widely adopted is that web designers using minimalism approach in web-designing to simplify the interface by removing unnecessary elements in order to focus on the simplicity of the website.