What Are the Things You Must Avoid When Using a Mechanical Watch

1. Don’t adjust the timepiece at late in the evening to early morning.

Since mechanical watches depend on their own mechanisms to change and tell the time and date,
they are vulnerable to damage. Its date change mechanism typically begins late in the evening or
early morning. To prevent any unintended changes or damages, avoid adjusting it from 10 p.m.
to 4 a.m.

2. Avoid extreme changes in temperature.

Buying women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia can be hard. Thus, once you have found the
best watch for you, you need to take care of it well. Don’t subject it to extreme and sudden
temperature changes. If you do this, it would most likely be damaged because the pieces inside it
would expand.

3. Avoid magnets, as well as places with strong magnetic fields.

Avoid magnets, metallic devices and magnetic fields at all costs. Evaluate the areas you usually
go to, and check if something out there may magnetize your mechanical timepiece, and cause it
to malfunction. Magnets can wreak havoc on these valuable watches. While some of them have
various types of forms of magnetic resistance, it’s still best to ensure that the risks are all avoided.

4. Avoid extreme movements and sports.

Your mechanical works in its own unique way compared to the typical battery-powered
timepieces. They have their own mechanisms, properties and charms. There are tons of
limitations, since they need more care than quartz watches. It has a complex structure, making it
vulnerable to sudden movements and external shocks.

5. Avoid using or winding the watch randomly and insufficiently.

It is highly recommended to win up the watch every single day, at the same exact time. It ensures
that the mechanical timepiece is accurate, stable and updated. As the movement depends on how
long you wear the watch, wearing it for two hours each day creates an impact to its accuracy.

For it work perfectly, consistency is the key. Make sure to wear it 8 hours a day on a regular
basis, so it can gain enough energy from your wrist movements.