Your Basic Guide to Women’s Watches

Women can wear a lot of different accessories that will help compliment their looks. One
of those accessories is a woman’s watch and there are plenty of different styles, watch
movements, straps, and fashion out there that might bombard women who do not have
knowledge about them.

But do not fret for I am going to present you with a basic guide to women’s watches. Be
sure to read through the entire thing so that you will be enlightened.

Consider Your Watch Styles that Will Complement Your Outfit

The thing that you have to remember when choosing a watch is to have something that
will complement your outfit. That is because there are so many different styles out there
and some of them are fit for one occasion and there are some that are not appropriate
in others.

Here are some popular watch styles that you should know about:

  • Rose Gold Watches

A lot of women are fond of rose gold watches because it
gives a blush tone on a regular gold. In other words, it adds a feminine twist that
most women will surely love. You can choose between a leather strap or a metal
strap with rose gold accents

  • Smartwatches

These are new-age watches that are fit for active people. It
contains a lot of information and they are known to bring you a lot of features that
you normally would find on your smartphone, such as the ability to read
messages and browse through your different songs

  • Skeleton Watches

These watches are definitely elegant and will allow you to
have increased appreciation for how watches are made. They are characterized
by a watch face that allows you to see the inner workings of a watch. These are
expensive, but if you can afford them, it will definitely catch the attention of others

  • Bracelet Watches

These are great to add some more pizzazz to your outfit.
Bracelet watches are timepieces that have a bracelet design for its strap; perfect
for formal occasions.

Popular Brands Worth Considering

Now that you know some of the most popular women’s watches out there, it is now time
for me to recommend some popular watch brands. Here are some:

  • Rolex

Just when you think that Rolex watches are only for men, you are gravely
mistaken. They’ve actually created luxury timepieces for women as well. What
makes them quite appealing is that their designs are amazing and their watches
are built to last

  • Michael Kors

Women know the brand and you will be happy to know that the
famous designer also creates luxury timepieces as well. In fact, women love
Michael Kors’ watches simply because of its design and performance

  • Movado

If you want a simpler design, Movado provides that to you. It has a
signature dot to signify 12 o’clock and the watches themselves look pretty nice.

Choosing the Right Strap

Watches come with different watch straps and they are fit for certain occasions. For
formal events, you want to use either a metal strap or a leather strap for that.

If you are a more active person that typically wants to sweat it out, you are better off
with a resin band or a sports watch band that you typically see on smartwatches.